Basement Bar Ideas

We build basement bars based on the design you want and the budget you're trying to bring it in under.  If it is a traditional basement wet bar it typically has to be custom built and can be done in our custom cabinetryprofessional's shop or on site.  Our clients will usually go on Houzz or Pinterest or Instagram and show us pictures of what they like and tell us what budget they're trying to work within.  We then design for them a custom bar built for their space.

We used to build many kitchens on site and finish them on site as you see in our picture gallery.  In the last several years however, it has become far more cost effective to buy prefinished cabinetry and have it installed by our premier cabinetry installer.  Basement floors are not level and the Big Box stores don't pay their subcontractor installers very much to install their cabinetry.  As a result it all looks fine once it's installed and paid for, but when the granite personnel comes out to template for a granite countertop they will often say that they can't install until the cabinets are leveled leaving the homeowner in a situation where he's got to call back the installer or get another installer to level the cabinets at additional cost.  Our installer installed kitchens for a kitchen cabinetry company whose kitchen renovations started at $150,000 for years.  He's independent now and we guarantee that his cabinet installs are perfectly level regardless of how unlevel your floor is.