Basement Remodeling Conyers Video Testimonial January, 2024

We are currently renovating a basement in Conyers for Dr. Sandrea Jones for under $50,000 for the basic construction of her 1044 square foot basement. My own experience this past year in renovating a distressed foreclosure in Roswell and hiring contractors to complete the type of work my own team doesn’t perform like siding of the house, pouring footings for decks, etc. prompted me to update this website with video testimonials about how different our process is from what I experienced with most contractors I dealt with on the whole house renovation.

There’s a lot of money involved in finishing a basement and we strive to make our clients comfortable in remitting those funds by having the materials and labor on site and installed before they start making payments. All but one contractor I dealt with on the whole house renovation wanted a substantial amount of money up front, and for me to just trust that after giving them a $20,000+ deposit that they would show up with the materials and labor as contracted. The contracts they put forward for me to sign were extremely brief and vague which, being in this business, I knew was an opening for them to claim that any requests made during the process of the job required change orders and extra costs. Most contracts were less then one page long. Our contracts are 5-7 pages long and are very detailed. We have extensive video documentation on our client video page of our clients relating that the price they were given in the original contract at the outset of the job was exactly the price they paid.