Basement Remodeling Job Progress Video 2/24/2024

This job in Conyers was started on January 25th, 2024 in Conyers. In that time we completed the HVAC install, the framing, the plumbing rough, the electrical rough, got the building, plumbing, electrical and HVAC permits issued. Following that we got the four inspections completed by City of Conyers and passed all inspections the first time which is our normal experience. The day after the last mechanical inspection was completed we installed the insulation and fire sealant to code. That was inspected the day after that was completed and it passed inspection the next day. The following day we hung and started finishing the drywall and as of Saturday, 2/24/24 the drywall is scheduled to be completely done and paint ready by Tuesday, our doors and trim are being delivered on Tuesday and the trim is being completed on Wednesday.

We are going to paint after the trim is installed, the whole basement, for $1000 labor, our client will pay for the paint. After that the floor will be installed and the electrical and the HVAC will be activated. The accent wall cabinets will be delivered and installed and then a tile wall between the upper cabinets will be installed with a floating shelf in the middle. The granite countertop will be installed after the lower cabinets are installed and then the plumbing for the whole basement will be activated. After the countertop is installed the upper cabinets will be installed and we will be done.