Conyers Job Progress March 7th, 2024

We’ve been in business for 24 years and all of our team members have 20+ years of experience. It makes a huge difference when completing a basement to have professional who know exactly what they’re doing to complete these projects on a timely basis. For many years we’ve been using Home Depot as our cabinetry source because the design is free, the cabinets were reasonably priced and if you give your money to Home Depot you know they’re going to deliver your order. Recently our cabinetry installer told us that we could get much higher quality cabinets in solid wood for a cheaper price at his source in Gwinnett County. I don’t ever like to change personnel or resources as it’s very risky. We recently hired a new painter, but the rest of our licensed professionals have been with us since 2018 or prior. In the video below our client and I describe the experience with the new cabinetry resource as very high quality cabinets, delivered on time and installed in a dead level status by our expert cabinetry installer.