Job Progress Video Conyers February 2024

We started this job in Conyers on Thursday, January 25th. By Thursday February 1st the framing, the HVAC installation, the electrical rough and the plumbing rough were all completed. We are now waiting for the inspections by the City of Conyers to be completed. Cities and counties issuing permits for basement renovations vary widely in their costs and their methods of inspection.

We strive every day to treat our clients in such a way that they are reassured that they made the right decision in choosing us to renovate their basements. Recently I rehabbed an extremely distressed foreclosure in Roswell that most people who saw it thought it had to be torn down and sold for the lot. I had to hire contractors, like siding contractors, that performed work that the guys on our team who complete finished basements do not do. I turned to also known as Angi to seek 5 star rated pros with 20+ 5 star reviews. All but one of them was absolutely awful. I’m talking about 5 star rated pros with 20+ 5 star reviews whose phone was turned off for 11 days making it impossible to leave a voicemail and texts were completely ignored one day after requesting a deposit of more then $20,000. No responsible professional doesn’t immediately return missed phone calls, much less have their phone turned off for 11 days with no response. Anyone on Facebook has seen the ads for purchasing 30 Google reviews for $300 and I could only think that was what happened with the contractors I was working with. I had built our website in 2014 and then left it alone as it did it’s job quite effectively for us for many years. After my experience with these awful 5 star rated pros I knew I needed to update our site and start taking videos again of what the experience was that our clients had in working with our team to get the message out into the marketplace. Our client videos taken as the basement renovations are taking place give you the assurance that what you’re watching is authentically our work with our team and we’re very grateful to the clients who participate in them.